by whoisgeorgestinneyjr

Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina is up for re-election this year. We have tried on numerous occasions to meet with her and discuss new evidence, the merits of the case centered on George Stinney Junior, and other damming discoveries that could shake the very fabric of South Carolina’s infrastructure.Image

Evidence of conspiracy and cover up that reaches all the way up to the state house. We reached out to her office because we felt it best to speak with her directly, before we release this information to our media partners. But just like most politicians that build there campaigns on broken promises, and high in the sky dreams that she could deliver, but never had any intention on delivering. She takes the low road and redirects us to her minutemen, who’s only job is to ignore our request with hopes that we will simply go away.

Well, we are not going away! Our resolve is even stronger than before, we are massing a corp of Supporters from around the world that will lift arms and raise our redemption banner when are arms grow weary and tired.

WE WILL NOT sit by and watch as South Carolina ignores this travesty for another 60 years. WE WILL NOT allow you to serve, retire without ever once having to address this issue.
WE WILL NOT fade off into obscurity, only to die thinking about what could have been.

WE WILL NOT , simply let you run your race for another term, win, and then continue to ignore us for another four years.

Lastly, WE WILL NOT let you string us along, long enough to become, what you would most likely consider to be the next Governor’s problem, that is unless the next Governor is you.

We are not going anywhere, Governor Haley and we are far from finished!